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International Boat Watch Incident History


Incidents, shown in descending order begin here

7/15/2019 S/V Dringuelle
CLOSED:  7/15/2019, The vessel made an unplanned stop which explains the delay.  Everyone is safe and sound.

7/4/2019 S/V Trinavis
CLOSED: No Resolution (discontinued 8/11/2019)

5/16/2019 S/V Finesse II 
Lost or Overdue
CLOSED:  5/17/2019, The captain was able to contact his family today to let them know he is safe and doing well. He made contact while in Bahia Espiritus Santos, Mexico. He had engine problems in an area with no wifi.  He's up and running now at the Belizean border.

3/23/2019 S/V Pheonix 
Lost or Overdue
CLOSED:  3/25/2019, we received word from the MRCC GRIS NEZ – French Coast Guard – that they’ve heard directly from the captain of the S/V Phoenix and that he and the vessel are safe.

1/7/2019 S/V Tetanus
Lost or Overdue
CLOSED:  1/7/2019, we received word within a few hours this case is closed by the family. The S/V Tetanus was delayed due to strong sea currents.

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