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International Boat Watch Incident History


Incidents, shown in descending order begin here

11/07/2010 1500 UTC S/V Entelecheia
Not heard from for 4 days.
CLOSED:  Sector Honolulu contacted vessel on VHF near Hawaii. All well on board.

03/22/2010 1830 UTC S/V Tafadzwa
Overdue Tauranga, NZ to Gisborne.
CLOSED:  Vessel found drifting. Only dog onboard. Reported 04/02/2010 1340 UTC

01/25/2010 1530 UTC S/Y Blue Moon
Urgent message.
CLOSED:  Notified that message delivered 01/26/2010 0030 UTC

01/20/2010 1730 UTC S/V Lauren Grace
Reported missing enroute Tarawa.
CLOSED:  Reported okay 01/21/2010 1500 UTC

01/03/2010 0300 UTC S/V Interlude
Overdue Cabo to Magdalena Bay, MX
CLOSED:  Located Turtle Bay 01/04/2010 0030 UTC

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