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International Boat Watch Incident History


Incidents, shown in descending order begin here

11/23/03 S/V Welsh Dragon
Overdue Florida to Holland with 2 POB.
CLOSED:  Search given up 11/30/2003

11/22/03 S/V Sassaparilla
Overdue Bonaire to S. Florida
CLOSED:  Reported in 11/22/2003, all okay.

07/28/03 S/V Agapedos
CLOSED:  Urgent message delivered 07/29/2003

07/14/03 S/V Hudson
CLOSED:  Located 07/21/2003 900 miles NE of French Guyana, skipper presumed lost at sea.

05/11/03 S/V Dawn Breaker II
From Panama to Tahiti
CLOSED:  Located in Galapagos 05/13/2003, all is well.

03/17/03 S/V Mantra
Off the Pacific side of Panama.  Urgent message to call niece.
CLOSED:  Contacted 03/20/2003

02/25/03 S/V Carib
Believed stolen in Barbados.
CLOSED:  Vessel Located Bequi, 02/26/2003, owner notified.

02/23/03 S/V Kima
Urgent message (death in family)
CLOSED:  Contacted 02/24/2003, Zihuateneho.

01/28/03 S/V Little Star 3
Overdue in Hong Kong
CLOSED:  Reported safe in port, 01/29/2003

01/28/03 S/V Lucida
West coast of Mexico, urgent message (death in family)
CLOSED:  Contacted 01/29/2003

01/27/03 M/V Sea Venture
West coast of Mexico..urgent msg to call home
CLOSED:  Contacted 01/29/2003, phoned home.

01/13/03 S/V Purrfect Passage
Overdue Antigua to Guadeloupe
CLOSED:  contacted 0600, 01/14/2003

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