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The motivation for this "Boat Watch" concept occurred in 1998 as many requests via ham radio came to locate vessels either missing or overdue at their planned destinations.  At that time we compiled a list of various ham radio related networks associated with mariners, then expanded it to include non-ham entities.  The result is a worldwide network of e-mail addresses through which we now broadcast requests for lost or overdue vessels and messages of high priority such as requests for mariners to phone home for an important message usually dealing with illness or death in the family.  To date we have successfully contacted over 100 vessels, many in record time, and have verified passage of the priority information.

In the pages that follow, is a description of the Process for submitting a boat watch incident, providing an introduction to the various members of this network and a report form which may be used for bringing an incident to our attention.  Click (here) to see a definition of the report process.

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