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International Boat Watch Incident History


Incidents, shown in descending order begin here

10/17/2015 "S/V Maratonga"
Lost or Overdue
Boat Description:
52 ft Ketch, steel, custom built Tayana.  Inner forestay.  Dark blue hull with white stripe in which on each side 10 round portlights.  White hard dodger center cockpit hard cover.  Costa Rica flag and registration number GPC 8509 on bow.  Name MARATONGA  in wood on white stern, hard to see because of dinghy davits and stainless steel swim platform.

Marine VHF, SSB Ham operator with call sign LU6VCR.  South American net 14.155 MHz @ 2200 UTC but we have no indication that anybody has heard them on that frequency.

Itinerary is Norfolk Virginia to Azores to Lisbon to Cadiz.  They left on July 13 from Norfolk, last known contact was on July 26 SPOT GPS with coordinates 39 degrees, 35 minutes and 2.0400 seconds N and 61 degrees, 20 minutes and 11.9040 W.
ETA was around end of August.

Persons on board : There are 3 males on board captain - Raol Enriquez, about 60 years, Argentinian...Pablo Enriquez, son of Raol, about 34 yrs old, Argentinian...Raol Echevarra, about  72 yrs old, Argentinian.

Have not been heard from.  USCG, Spain and Portugal SAR have all been contacted.
Please contact me, Mike Ramage, any SAR, or Monique Nollen +54 911 514 826 86 or

NOTICE: 02/27/2016 - This Boat Watch Remains Open Pending

10/13/2015 "S/V Nymue"
Overdue at Long Overdue at Martinique
CLOSED:  On November 14th, 2015, the International Boat Watch Net received the following information:
"The S/V Nymue arrived on November 12th at Las Palmas after 85 days at sea.  Captain Magnus Reslow was very tired but in good condition. (Average speed 1.34kts!) 73 de SK6PS / SA6BQZ/MM Gunnar "

9/5/2015 "S/V Walk About 1"
Health & Welfare
Vessel left the port of La Graciosa (Canary Isles) August 9th or 10th enroute to Dakar and then further to Gambia (Gambie River).  Vessel should have arrived in Dakar around the 24th or 25th of August.  Concerned because there has been a Tropical Cyclone in that vicinity.

Boat Description:  Belgian Flagged, 43 foot Schooner with blue steel hull, with white sails, aft cockpit, wind vane and life raft.
Comms: VHF and GPS.
1 POB: Jean Adolf Pol Dheedene, age 72.

NOTICE: 02/27/2016 - This Boat Watch Remains Open Pending

1/5/2015 "S/V Pelengina II"
Overdue: Long Overdue at Martinique
CLOSED:  On January 21st, 2015, the International Boat Watch Net received the following information:
"On January 18th 2015, S/V Pelengina II found (Derelict) within territorial waters of Honduras. Vessel has been towed towards port. Person on board still unaccounted for. Assumption is he fell overboard, between 17th and 21st December 2014, North of ABC-Islands. With regards, Eelco de Wal, Sr. Operator, JRCC Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard."

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