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International Boat Watch Incident History


Incidents, shown in descending order begin here

11/28/2014 "S/V Seven Sisters"
Overdue at Acapulco, Mexico
CLOSED:  On November 23, 2014, a passing M/V sighted and reported the S/Y Seven Sisters, disabled, one outrigger broken, no crew aboard.  No sighting of the kayak or the inflatable that were reported to be aboard.  Position: (11°-29.0 N x 102°-16.0 W).

10/29/2014 "S/V Serenity"
Overdue St. Lucia to Barbados
CLOSED:  Wednesday, October 29, 2014 @ 2000 UTC
The S/V Serenity and her crew, Arthur Alleyne (AKA Capt. Sam Alleyne) and his wife Sharon Went Alleyne, are safe in St. Lucia.  Sam's daughter, Arianne Moore, contacted with the story.

10/21/2014 "S/V Mishiwa"
Overdue Palau Redand to Labaun, Malaysia
CLOSED:  Tuesday, October 21, 2014 @ 1700 UTC
Not long after we received the boatwatch, we were alerted the captain arrived safely.

Quote from the Facebook page for Mishiwa

I've just spoken with David to get more information. About a week into the trip Mishiwa developed steering problems and then combined with storms from the 4th October meant that Mishiwa travelled a lot slower and had some difficulty staying on course. We're so relieved that Mishiwa was able to make it to Labuan safely.

Thank you again to everyone for your support, prayers and kind words. I think we'll all sleep well tonight!
The P/C REEL N DEAL was just confirmed to have arrived safely in Cabo San Lucas.  Thank you for your assistance.


08/14/2014 P/C "Reel N Deal"
Overdue at Coba San Lucas, Mexico
CLOSED:  Friday, August 15, 2014 @ 1345 UTC

The P/C REEL N DEAL was just confirmed to have arrived safely in Cabo San Lucas.  Thank you for your assistance.

Ed Skinner
District Eleven / RCC Alameda
SAR Duty Officer


06/09/2014 S/V Xiao Xiang
Overdue at Sacramento, CA
CLOSED:  RCC Alameda has suspended the search for the S/V Xiao Xiang on July 3, 2014.
The vessel was sighted leaving Morro Bay, CA and the reporting source notified.  It is unknown if they made their final destination.

05/07/2014 S/V Artful Dodger
Long overdue at Gizo Solomon Islands
The S/V Artful Dodger is 12 mts LOA (length over all). She is a sloop rig with a dark blue hull, white deck, aft cockpit, bimini and dodger, and black anodized mast with steps. Vessel comms are Marine VHF. There is 1 POB, a 52 y/o, male, Francisco Cajigal, Spanish nationality. Last report was on departure from Vanuatu on February 6th en route to Gizo Solomon Islands. Anyone who has information regarding the S/V Artful Dodger, please contact Mike Ramage with the International Boat Watch Network or the UCSG RCC Alameda.

NOTICE: 11/09/2014 - This Boat Watch Remains Open Pending

05/04/2014 S/V Raven Eye
Overdue at Fiji
CLOSED:  Reported as located safe in port in French Polynesia on May 19th, 2014.

03/21/2014 S/Y Pokerface
Long overdue at Barbados
CLOSED Search called of on 04/09/2014.  The S/Y Pokerface was located in the middle of the Atlantic but it captain, Mr. Sietse Hagen, was not on board.  He is, sadly, presumed deceased.  The friends and family of Mr. Hagen want to thank everyone who assisted in trying to locate the vessel.

02/07/2014 S/Y Chrisco
Urgent message.
CLOSED:  Message delivered 02/08/2014.

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