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International Boat Watch Incident History


Incidents, shown in descending order begin here

08/23/2013 1400 UTC S/Y Stella
Port Louis, Mauritius to Darwin, Australia.  Overdue.  Vessel departed Port Louis on Feb 19, 2013. No contact since.

NOTICE: 02/07/2014 - This Boat Watch Remains Open Pending

07/11/2013 2100 UTC S/V Silver Heals
Key West, FL to Azores.  Overdue.  Was to have arrived between July 3-8.
CLOSED:  USCG Miami received e-mail the evening of July 11, 2013 from the vessel stating they arrived safely at Flores Isl in the Azores

05/05/2013 1800 UTC S/V Spirit of Rema
Left Hout Bay 26th Dec. 2012 with planned course straight across to Australia with possible stop in Ile St Paul or Ile Amsterdam in the southern Indian Ocean.  Last heard from beginning of Jan. 2013.  No position given.
CLOSED:  Incident closed December 9, 2013.

05/01/2013 1800 UTC S/V Lady Domina
Distress Relay Alert / Communications Search – St. Martin to Azores.  Last heard from on 04/11/2013.

NOTICE: 02/07/2014 - This Boat Watch Remains Open Pending

04/21/2013 1800 UTC S/V Solebay
Canary Islands to New York.  Last heard from on 03/26/2013.
CLOSED:  Vessel checked in via SPOTCHECK on 04/22/2013.

03/05/2013 2000 UTC S/V September Song
Overdue Trinadad to Grenada.
CLOSED:  Contact was made with S/V September Song on March 6...located in Bonaire.

03/03/2013 0400 UTC S/V Carina Rose
Asked to help locate the as there is an urgent message awaiting them.  Last contact was Jan 29, 2013.
CLOSED:  Contact was made with S/V Carina Rose on March 6...located in Havana.  Family thanks all for helping locate them.

01/21/2013 S/Y Jeri
Departed Haven Santa Marta, Columbia on December 22, 2013 enroute to Aruba and has not been heard from since then.nbsp; The captains name is Jan Frederik Wüstenhoff, a 56 year old male of Dutch nationality.  The boat is Dutch registered and is a 1988 Jeanneau Sun Rise 35.  The Aruba Rescue and Coordination Centre, and local coast guards, have been informed.  Please report any information to your local coast guard as well as the International Boat Watch Network.

NOTICE: 02/07/2014 - This Boat Watch Remains Open Pending

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