* Required Information

ex: Apt. ###

Now, let's describe the vessel.

* Vessel description: (length, color, sail configuration (sloop, ketch, etc.), aft/mid cockpit, bimini color, wind vane, dinghy type and color, etc.)

* Next, it is helpful to know what communications capabilities are on board. Please indicate marine VHF, marine SSB, Amateur Radio, WinLink 2000, etc. Please indicate any known radio networks frequented if known. When was the last radio contact, on what frequency, and where was vessel then? Was a position report given?

Now we are at the real meat of the report, that being to let us know why we are looking for this vessel (vessel is long over due at destination (name); vessel hasn't been heard from since (date) from (place); or need to have crew call home for an important message (ex. serious illness or death in family). Please give name of person on vessel to address this message to. You may paraphrase the message to be delivered and include any names and phone numbers for the recipient to contact.

If available but not required, a photo of the vessel and/or the people on board would be helpful. You can email such photo(s) to webmaster@boatwatchnet.org.

Lastly, we must know when this message has been successfully delivered so that we may close out the record of this incident. Normally we expect the originator of this form to accept that responsibility. Such notification may be sent via e-mail to webmaster@boatwatchnet.org or through contact with the Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14.300 MHz. We will attempt to contact you via e-mail when we have received any information about the vessel.