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Who We Are

The International Boat Watch Network is operated as a public service of Maritime Mobile Service Network, Inc.  Originally founded by amateur radio operator Mike Pilgrim (K5MP) in 2001, this network has grown in popularity amongst mariners, their families and friends.  In March of 2007, ShipCom LLC agreed to take over operation of the network as a public service to the Maritime community.  After the passing of Rene Stiegler (K4EDX), owner of ShipCom LLC, in early 2018, Maritime Mobile Service Network, Inc. agreed to take over the day to day operation of the International Boat Watch Network.

This network consists of all known amateur radio networks having to do with mariners and some commercial networks.  To name a few: Intercontinental Amateur Traffic Net, Maritime Mobile Service Net, Pacific Seafarers Net, Waterway Net, Trans-Atlantic Maritime Net, Caribbean Maritime Mobile Net, Chubasco Net, Canadian Mississauga Net, Pacific Maritime Net, U.K. Maritime Net, Pacific Interisland Net, Southeast Asia Net, Sonrisa Net, Manana Net, Happy Hour Net, and the Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net.

Additionally, we are hooked up with the world wide WinLink network which potentially has daily contact with literally hundreds of ham mariners.

In addition to all those networks on the Amateur Radio frequencies, we have the following participants outside of the Amateur Radio spectrum: ShipCom Public Coast Stations WLO KLB KNN WCL, Herb Hilgenberg's Southbound ll, Northwest Caribbean Cruisers Net, Cruiseheimer's Net, Panama Canal Connection Net, Russell Radio (New Zealand), BASRA (The Bahamas Air-Sea Rescue Association), The Caribbean Weather Center's Daily SSB Weather Net and the French world sailing association "SAIL THE WORLD".

You may click here to see a list of all known participant factions in this International Boat Watch Network.

This page last updated July 1, 2018

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