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Current Incident

When there is an active Boat Watch, we plan to present the full text of available information here. If you are reading this information and can contribute any additional facts or confirmation of the vessel being located and/or contacted, then we would appreciate an e-mail at

March 20, 2017

Original Text

Received Boatwatch Incident Report Via World Wide Web

Full Name         : leparoux
Street Address    : 3 ter guillemin sud
Street Address2   :
Home Town         : guillos
ZipCode           : 33720
Home_Country      : france
Work_Phone_Number : 0782130432
Home_Phone_Number : 0950121590
Email_Address     :
MessageType       : Lost_or_Overdue
Vessel_Name       : S/V KATUA
Vessel_Description: 10 mètres, bois moulé (prototype), coque beige, pont
gris, roof bois rouge sloop, cockpit barre franche, capote bois annexe
grise, survie blanche, jupe arrière quille 1,90 mètres bimini blanc
Communications    : VHF ASN
Itinerary         : Départ : La Gomera
Direction probable : Cap Vert ou Antilles Direction possible : Vénézuéla
Persons_on_board  : Marc LEPAROUX 67 ANS Carmen LIÑERO 50 ans ?
Reason            : disparition très inquiétante signalée au CROSS
Gris-nez et à la gendarmerie maritime
Comments          : possible démâtage

Translated Text

Received Boatwatch Incident Report Via World Wide Web

Full Name: leparoux
Street Address: 3 ter south guillemin
Street Address2:
Home Town: guillos
ZipCode: 33720
Home_Country: france
Work_Phone_Number: 0782130432
Home_Phone_Number: 0950121590
MessageType: Lost_or_Overdue
Vessel_Name: S / V KATUA
Vessel_Description: 10 meters, molded wood (prototype), beige hull, gray deck, red wood roof
Sloop, cockpit tiller, wood top
Gray dinghy, white survival, rear skirt
Keel 1.90 meters
White bimini
Communications: VHF DSC
Itinerary: Departure: La Gomera
Probable Direction: Cape Verde or Antilles
Possible direction: Và © nà © zà © la
Persons_on_board: Marc LEPAROUX 67 YEARS
Carmen LIÃ'ERO 50 years old?
Reason: very disappointing disappearance reported to the CROSS Gris-nose and the maritime gendarmerie
Comments: possible disassembly



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